• Bridging Differences

    Bridging Differences
    Th EdWeek blog where Deborah exchanged views with a different colleague, has been discontinued.

  • Where I’ll Be

    2018-02-20 UCLA Community School

    2018-02-22 Environmental Charter School

    2018-03-07 Stanford

  • Network for Public Education

  • Good Morning Mission Hill

    For information on showings or purchasing the video Good Morning Mission Hill
  • Central Park East Elementary School

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Audio / Visual

Audiovisual & Webcasts

Deborah Meier Speeches,  Talks and Interviews

(2013, April) Deborah Meier at Occupy Department of Education, Washington, DC rally (21 minutes). WEB

(2012, Summer) SOS Keynote speech (45 minutes). WEB

(2011, Fall) A conversation Among Friends: Deborah Meier and Alfie Kohn at the Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum (68 minutes). WEB

(2011, August 2) Deborah Meier at SOS March, Washington, DC. (8 minutes)  WEB

(2011, May 11) National Louis University’s Chicago In These Times: What Keeps School Reformers Going?, National Louis University (1hr 28min) WEB

(2011, April 27) “Bridging Differences Live:” Diane Ravitch and Deborah Meier from Indiana University School of Education (73 minutes).   WEB

(2010, May 4) Bridging Differences: What Works in Schools, The Forum for Education and Democracy, Washington DC (18 minutes) WEB

(2010, April 17) Deborah Meier Institute Symposium, NYC (OnTheEarthProductions) (18 min)

(2009, June 28) At the Heart of Democracy: Why it’s a hard idea to teach, and to learn. AERO conference.

(2009, May 21) Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Testifies, Deborah Meier responds, on Democracy Now (16 minutes) WEB

(2008, December 18) Deborah Meier and Mike Klonsky discuss Obama’s Pick of Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education on Democracy Now (15 minutes) WEB

(2008, September 16) Deborah Meier has Education Advice for Obama. Learning Matters (11 minutes)

(2008). Panel of educators at North Dakota Study Group: Deborah Meier, Alyce Barr, Julie Woestehoff . Ontheearthproductions.com. February, 2008 (apx 1 hour) WEB

(2008) Deborah Meier Keynote AERO conference (excerpt) (10 minutes)

(2008) Deborah Meier on PRX radio (Audio) (11 minutes). WEB

(2007). Deborah Meier Podcast: Teachers Network Blog. From her keynote speach at Teachers Network’s Annual Curriculum, Community, Collaboration, and Celebration Conference, April 20th, 2007. WEB

(2007). Deb Meier: American Education Week [Webcast], Ontheearthproducaitons.com. Filmed at University of Wisconsin-Madison, October, 2006. (Clips of speech and group discussion). (19 min) WEB

(2006). Forum for Education and Democracy conference [Webcast], Ontheearthproducaitons.com. Filmed in Chicago, IL. November 4.

(2004) (with M. Neill & Ted Sizer). Many Children Left Behind [Webcast]. On WGBH Forum Network . Filmed at the Cambridge Forum, October 27. (also available as audio only) WEB

(2002). In schools we trust: Creating communities of learning [Webcast]: On WGBH Forum Network. Filmed at Harvard Graduate School of Education, October 28. (also available as audio only)

(2001) (with Ted Sizer, Linda Nathan, S. Choen & Nancy Sizer). Educators making a difference: Strategies in a world crisis[Webcast] WGBH Forum Network. Filmed at Harvard Graduate School of Education, October 11. (also available as audio only) WEB

(1996). Collaborative Schools Sharing the Power: Education Under Fire [videocassette]. Bloomington, IN: Agency for Instructional Television.

Videos and Movies Featuring Meier’s Schools

CPE1 40th Anniversary video. (6min) https://vimeo.com/126171006

Valens, Tom & Amy. (2014) Good Morning Mission Hill,  Tamalpais Productions. The story of the Mission Hill Public School in Boston, MA.

Valens, Tom & Amy. (2013) A Year at Mission Hill. A series of 10 short segments telling the story of the Mission Hill Public School in Boston, MA.

Central Park East I (2013) A short promotional video about the school, that Deborah Meier founded in 1974.

Wiseman, F. (Writer & Director) (1994). High school 2 [documentary film about Central Park East Secondary School]: Zipporah Films.

Gold, J. (Producer & Director), & Lanzoni, M. (Ed). (1993). “Graduation by portfolio: Central Park East Secondary School” [Videotape]. New York: Post Production, 29th Street Video Inc.

Holmes, N. (Producer & Director) (1979). We all know why we’re here [Film of Leslie Stein teaching second grade in Central Park East Elementary School], New York: Charlie/Pappa Productions.

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