On “throwing money away on the poor”

Does anyone know of an article on class size, et al that helps us understand why rich people care about it for their own while often supporting the idea that it doesn’t matter–for public education. It would be useful to have a list of NYC’s richest and most powerful-alongside of what they spend on their children’s schooling (not to mention nonschooling), –e.g. class sizes, arts programming physical education, extra supports. They can afford to waste their money, of course. And no one can or should prohibit them from doing so. But why do they do it? And why do they think it matters? Some may agree with me and wish it for all children, of course. Hopefully those are willing to pay more taxes so that others can enjoy the benefits. But… what about those who think “just throwing money at the poor” won’t help? Suggestion: ask a rich friend or acquaintance and let me know. Thanks.

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  1. In Alberta, Canada, class size often is an issue that plays out in the media. You might find this article that was written by the Alberta’s Teachers’ Association interesting.


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