What can we do? Save a great school!

One and all!! Below is from my friend Stephanie Lee whose school(s) I can vouch for! I’ve been there many times. This is terrible news. What can we do??

Hello friends:
Sorry to interrupt your summer with sad news. we lost a big vote last night – the process has begun to revoke our charter, but the fight will continue in the coming month, major hearing august 20 and final vote august 21.
here is what i sent to the local paper this morning, plus pics and links to two great videos of our action last night below. i am also attaching my notes for my speech and a press release sent out by a witness to last night’s events [founder of an LA charter school called semillas that has also spent a lot of time in the spotlight].
p.s. if you have some time on your hands and want the email addresses, phone numbers, or twitter accounts of any LB board members or key staff, let me know 🙂

Hello Kelly,
I didn’t see you last night at the LBUSD Board meeting when they voted to issue a Notice of Revocation of our school’s charter. As I am sure you have heard, it was a big night. We had nearly 100 NCS people there, and our parents were forcibly removed from the meeting when they were denied the chance to express their concerns about the Superintendent during the public comment portion. In addition to the excessive force used by the LBUSD police officers that resulted in injuries to a parent [and subsequent transfer to the hospital via ambulance], there were police officers called to the scene [many squad cars and a helicopter]. What is even more worrisome is that, after all of the public witnesses, NCS and other, were removed from the Board room and overflow areas and the cameras were turned off, the Board proceded to vote on the measure. They voted 5-0 with no discussion, and we [those members of the public who were quiet and peaceful throughout the entire proceedings] were not permitted to return to the meeting at any time.

I hope we can speak soon about this. We have video, still shots, interviews from witnesses, and press releases from our own group and others.

Sabrina and I look forward to talking with you as soon as possible.


Stephanie Lee [562] 307-1601

Sabrina Bow [626] 695-5362

Please share widely. I have original hi res footage if any media outlets need. I get shivers watching, so thankful for you all!
Thanks! Sharon

the links:

the speeches:

the protest:

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. Your support means a lot to parents, students and the New City community.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Where is this taking place?

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