• Bridging Differences

    In Bridging Differences
    Deborah exchanges views with a different colleague, each for a month or two.  Her current correspondent is Harry Boyte, a Minnesotan (although his roots are southern). He has always been a friend and mentor, even though we come to stuff in different ways and even disagree on and off. He is a professor and an activist, a theorist and a practitioner, with a focus on democracy—beginning a long time ago when he worked with Martin Luther King. He has written or edited ten books on the topic and founded a Center on
    democracy which is now at St Augsberg College, but formerly at the University of Minnesota.  

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What If? and Who Cares?

A NY Times headline, July 20, 2012! “Libor Scandal Shows Many Flaws in
Rate-Setting/ The lending benchmark, a convenient tool for the markets,
has flaws that have some people even questioning its
The day will come when the headline reads, “Standardized Testing Scandal Shows Many Flaws in School/Teacher Rating…..that have some people even questioning its existence.”
Actually the time has come. But the unholy alliance that increasingly runs America’s schools isn’t questioning its existence at all. The only things that keeps me sane is remembering that there are any worse crises–like the state of the planet–which are being similarly ignored. We’re facing a human flaw–where the focus on today and tomorrow keeps us from seriously considering the day after. A “What good are profits if….” way-of-thinking is what schools need to teach. A combination of the Mission Hill/CPE habit #4 and #5. “What if…?”and “Who cares…?”


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