SOS: Helping Each Other!

Before I forget. Connect with Bob Schaeffer or Monty Neill at FairTest for updates on useful articles, data, etc. about testing. That place is amazing. Follow up with donations.

I’m still “high” from three wonderful days at SOS’s gathering in D.C. with wonderful people –morning, noon and night. We managed to even get agreement on some more substantive “planks”–filling out our agenda re schooling in America. We did one on early childhood, on labor unions, civil rights, assessment, etc. Keep in touch with SOS for the details. We agreed on a basic governing structure. We set a few key “targets” for this year–locally and nationally. A march has its values, but this was even better than last year–in terms of making me confident that we can sustain this work. Because there is no quick fix, and the powers against us are awesome. We need long-term distance runners.

What scares me most at the moment is how to sustain the best schools in the cities and locales where the corporatists re most active and where mayoral control is strongest. There are a number of them being strangled of late–sometimes just by placing obstacle after obstacle in front of them and others more drastically shut down. I’ll try to get a list of some of them–and if you know some candidates for such a list , schools that need and want support, let me know.

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  1. You can reach FairTest at Thanks, Deb.

  2. “The Power of Their Ideas” remains a must-read for all of us looking for examples of how education can work for children.

  3. Deborah, we can win the battle against these corporatists, by making our public schools safe and productive. The underlying and main problem of our schools is the discipline problem. When we solve the discipline problem our schools and local communities will come together to defeat these misguided mayors and corporatists. There is a discipline plan that will solve 95 to 99 percent of our school discipline problem. if you really want to win the battle get in touch with me.

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