Thank you, academia!

After I finished writing  that last blogette I received a blog from Steve Zemelman. ( Good stuff.  And, of course, Mike Rose who writes irregularly but always stirs me to think more deeply, but not rigorously. (see below for the definition of rigor. What do YOU think it means?) I could go and on.

rigor: (America Heritage – old fashioned heavy book style) 1. strictness or severity of action or judgement. 2. A harsh or trying circumstance; hardship. 3) A severe or cruel act. 4. Shivering or trembling. 5. A state of rigidity. 6. Obsolete. stiffness or rigidity. From Old French, from Latin: stiffness, severity

p.s. note also–re last blog errata on very first word. The U is next to the I on the keyboard..

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