• Bridging Differences

    In Bridging Differences
    Deborah exchanges views with a different colleague, each for a month or two.  Her current correspondent is Harry Boyte, a Minnesotan (although his roots are southern). He has always been a friend and mentor, even though we come to stuff in different ways and even disagree on and off. He is a professor and an activist, a theorist and a practitioner, with a focus on democracy—beginning a long time ago when he worked with Martin Luther King. He has written or edited ten books on the topic and founded a Center on
    democracy which is now at St Augsberg College, but formerly at the University of Minnesota.  

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    October 5–7, 2017 National Conference Progressive Education Network: Boston, MA

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NYC: The land of disappearing opportunity

Isn’t it amazing, the NY Times reports that NYC hits the national average (21%) when it comes to poverty. The Bronx and Brooklyn lead the nation–#1 and #2– in unemployment. 1.8 million New Yorkers rely on food stamps. But… I suppose Mayor Bloomberg knows whose fault this is. Teachers.
I plead guilty. Ever since I left the city for Columbia County the city has been going downhill.
Meanwhile once a day I swim in my now freezing cold pond, watch the hawks zoom overhead (I’m envious), and think abut the Chicago Teachers Union–and I’m happy. We all need to do that once a day. Then back to changing the world. And drive into NYC or Boston for lunch.


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