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    Deborah exchanges views with a different colleague, each for a month or two.  Her current correspondent is Harry Boyte, a Minnesotan (although his roots are southern). He has always been a friend and mentor, even though we come to stuff in different ways and even disagree on and off. He is a professor and an activist, a theorist and a practitioner, with a focus on democracy—beginning a long time ago when he worked with Martin Luther King. He has written or edited ten books on the topic and founded a Center on
    democracy which is now at St Augsberg College, but formerly at the University of Minnesota.  

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Let’s get down to the details!

Can we have a Big Picture discussion, while also responding to the “details” that ed reform poses?I think Howard Gardner’s piece is a good starter

The Global Search for Education: The Education Debate 2012 — Howard Gardner



3 Responses

  1. Gardner’s vision is so sensible. It’s comforting to read, like coming in from a nasty storm for a little refuge. But alas, as he (also sensibly) states, he’s not the type who will be tapped for the big ed boss position anytime soon, so we’ll have to weather this storm of irrational, mean policies for a while longer. Or is “weathering” too passive? Can we beat back a storm?

  2. OK, but do we have to start from the vantage point of the nation’s top education bureaucrat? All the wrong assumptions are embedded there. Howard accepted the premise much to easily.

  3. Reading this is like a refreshing drink from a pure mountain stream. So clear…rising above all the institutional, bureaucratic, short-sightedness of the plains…taking us high enough to get a beautiful view.

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