Mike Rose has Gone Back to School

Actually, he has never left school–for every age. His newest book, “Going Back to School” is, as usual, very important and mind-shifting.  From the first moment I read his work—“Lives on the Boundary,” some decades ago–I wait to read every word he writes.  He shifts the way I put together what I know, see, hear and read.  He restores my sometimes flagging respect for our human species, as I observe how easily we are conned.  But then, I realize that being “conned” is more complex, and that I too suffer from it.  There’s a kindness of spirit imbedded in Mike’s every word, every example.  He cuts out the ranting that I so often resort to, and which I know doesn’t help me or the cause I’m fighting for.  He closely examines what it means to a person of any age who must tolerate the disrespect of others, those that see everything we lack rather than what we possess, and who views our treasured experiences as unworthy of educational focus.  He takes apart the remedial system–both of mind and practice–and opens us to seeing other possibilities.

You can read part of it in the Fall, 2012 Dissent magazine or get the book itself:  his blog  http://www.mikerosebooks.blogspot.com or order the book itself.   More on this book in coming weeks.

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