Hard to Dispel Myths

The latest, but already “well-established” myth is that more time spent in school equals better test scores.  The Center for Public Education checks the claim out and discovers: “The data clearly shows that most U.S. schools require at least as much or more instructional time as other countries, even high-performing countries like Finland, Japan, and Korea…..  the U.S. does not require schools to provide less instructional time than other countries.”  In fact, in Finland the hours spent in school is considerably less.  And in China I wouldn’t believe a word they report–many kids are not in school at all, etc.

Will the facts have an impact on “policymaker”? Unlikely.  Like Bush they operate in an alternative world of their own creation for their own

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  1. Such funny logic–if what we are doing isn’t working, let’s do more of it!

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