Who is leading us over what cliff?

Ask any true blue/red revolutionary–left or right–and they’ll tell you that the trick is to act fast and furiously when you have a chance (there may be a short window before the opposition recoups). That mens moving fast on changes that are hard to undo. Who would of dreamed, even a decade ago, that so many public schools could be closed and so many charters could be fitted into existing public buildings, and that the contracts signed between teachers and management couldl be nullified, in fact if not on paper. The mechanism, Mayoral control backed solidly by the business community, and/or state take-over of municipalities. The Chicago Tribune has just exposed a secret plan to take over another 100 schools–to be announced in March for 2013-14. In NYC, more closings are proposed–I her rumors about how many. Ditto Detroit, Washington D.C. (where 30 more are being closed). Once students and teachers are removed from the scene, and either fired or sent elsewhere, it’s irreversible. Smart tactics, but hardly a shining example of democracy.

That it can happen at all is one more sure-fire demonstration that our democracy is in serious trouble. That’s the crisis we are living through–that’s the cliff we are blindly being led over.

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