Hit by a bug

Dear readers,

I’ve been bit by a tick and energy defficient as a result.   have much to say, but in the meantime, read my son Nicholas Meier’s column:

“One of the buzzwords in education these days is differentiated instruction. In the field of teaching this means that we create different lessons for our different types of students… But is this really such a good idea?…  (To read the column go to http://nicholasmeier.com )

One Response

  1. Deb, Get well! I want to hear how you would solve Detroit’s 40% cuts in police force, with response time 5x the national average now, it’s 4 in 10 street lights out, the 70% of its parks closed these last five years (you’ve written on play haven’t you?), and, of course, all those pending pensions!

    Seriously, this tick thing is bothersome. I spend a great deal of time outdoors, and worry about ticks even with my theoretically robust immune system. Keep your feet up, get your rest, whatever they prescribe.

    Looking forward to your return to health!

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