Rigor Made Easy

“Eye On Education” is offering to sell us the answer to our dreams in a series of 4 new books entitled: “Literacy, Rigor and the Common Core State Standards.” It’s got all the latest buzz words into one short unsurpassable sentence. The one of the four I like best is entitled “Rigor Made Easy”. The inventor of that title deserves a bonus.

7 Responses

  1. Hmm. Rigor for Rugrats?

  2. “Rigor made easy” How did the Onion get scooped on this
    golden nugget?

  3. Why the drive for ease when it’s so well known that an outcome of good, hard, meaningful work—whether manual labor or intellectual—is best described as happiness?

  4. Thanks for the comment! It’s not that Rigor IS Easy, but it can be made easy for teachers. Glad you like the title.

    • Very nice attempted save, Barbara, but I don’t think you really expect anyone to believe Deb or the commenters here were offering praise.

  5. Hi, I just came across your post while doing a google search for the additional materials on Rigor Made Easy. I use that book with my teachers and was disappointed by your snarky comment. Have you actually read the book? It’s pretty narrowminded of you to be so critical of the book without taking the time to know what the book is about and what the author really means by that phrase. I happen to love that bookl It encourages my teachers to challenge their students to work harder. It’s not about buzz words and shortcuts.Sometimes you have to use words like Common Core because they are a reality, not because they’re a trend. It’s disappointing when a prestigious educator gets snobby about books that are really helping people. And it sets a bad example for YOUR students and devotees that you obviously didn’t read the book with a critical eye (or read it at all) before rushing to a judgment.

    • By definition if rigor is made easy it is not rigorous. Regardless of the quality of the content, the titles were clearly meant to use popular buzz words to sell the books.

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