This solves the problem

Thanks to Diane Ravitch for forwarding this important news to us:

“This month, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and state legislators passed a law, intended to take effect by the next school year, setting a 2 percent limit on the amount of classroom time that could be spent on test preparation, or about three and a half days in a school year. Charter schools, some of which are known for an almost religious devotion to test preparation, are not obligated to comply, officials said.”

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  1. I am as opposed to test-o-mania as much or more than most. This move seems like outlawing staring at elephants should they wonder into the room, or better yet unruly Rhinos. First, one persons “test prep” is another persons “education” how could you possible enforce this? Two, this only continues what I believe is the great weakness of the current “top down” policy paradigm. As much as I applaud Gov Cuomo’s recent expansion of pre-school funding I would prefer that he and every other Governor and legislator defer to local communities and school leaders all questions of curricula and content.
    Test prep is collateral damage. Over testing is the problem.

  2. nick

    thanks. Check spelling of Diane’s name.

    For more information see website:

  3. I think this is being done so that test scores are lower, teachers and schools will therefore be found wanting and it opens the door for more corporately run charter schools.

  4. Your Fake “schools” operate in accordance with “laws” put out by Crazy, Lying, Stupid, Con Artist, Politicians, & are paid for with $ STOLEN from the taxpayers, which, of course, belongs to the taxpayers.
    Teachers all over the world are Insane Thieves & are Lying Their Heads Off!
    So-called “governments” all over the world have VERY SEVERE BUDGET PROBLEMS.
    What in the world are you “debating”, anyway? School testing? Test fairness? Really?

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