• Bridging Differences

    Bridging Differences
    Th EdWeek blog where Deborah exchanged views with a different colleague, has been discontinued.

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    2018-02-20 UCLA Community School

    2018-02-22 Environmental Charter School

    2018-03-07 Stanford

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The Progressive Populist

just received a publication in the mail that I’ve never seen before, although it claims to be Vol. 20, No. 22.  It is called The Progressive Populist.  It includes shortish columns from everyone I like, plus a few new voices.  It’s put together by a family–named Cullen–from Texas and Iowa.  So it comes by its sub-heading A Journal From America’s Heartland honestly.  $18 for half a year (11 issues).  Call 1-800-732-4992.

I’m signing up.

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