How? (Guest Blog)

-This guest blog by MIssion Hill teacher Jenerra Williams originally appeared on her Face Book page.



How do I write report cards, when I should be writing a new manifest destiny for our country?


How can I talk about literacy progress and math understandings, when I myself don’t understand the injustice being done and excused?


How can I write about science experiments and history lessons when I feel like people who look like me are involved in an unethical experiment being conducted by the police and our government and we as a country have not learned our own lessons from history?


How can I give grades to students for their behavior when our behavior as a society – as a human race – fails to meet the mark over and over again?


How can I talk about what each student contributes to our community, when our communities aren’t safe and the contributions of the communities they come from are not appreciated, undervalued and ignored?


How do I report on the academic progress of my students, when I feel so deeply that progress is not being made in the just and fair treatment of their fathers, brothers, uncles, and cousins.


How can I write report cards…when there is so much pain written on my heart?

Jenerra Williams

2 Responses

  1. Beautiful.

  2. Well said. The awareness that we often can do nothing is an apt reminder of what we can do.

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