The End of the Rainbow


I am underlining virtually everything in this new book I just got sent from the publisher (New Press), The End of the Rainbow: How Educating for Happiness (Not Money) Would Transform Our Schools.  It is by another friend, Susan Engel.


It says it all. Including a wonderful and rare to find chapter on alternative approaches to what and how to measure success. It is rare because Susan defines well-being, happiness, and leading a good life as at the core of what a good education should help lead us to. She describes how, historically, we got to viewing education as a road to making more money—which, she argues, is a recent phenomenon! It is not often enough that I get a truly new idea—but I found this fascinating. Her “hard” data about the relationship between money and happiness is also intriguing and worth a pause as we are consumed by the hyper-materialism of our time and place. She provides a different framework for rethinking these ideas.

It is a gem of a book. Susan has so many good anecdotes to demonstrate her points, based on her many years of work as a teacher of teachers, time spent in school, and in raising children. Order it today!!!


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  1. Dear Deb, I’ve been a big fan since I spent some time visiting Central Park East decades ago. Started a small school at Flushing HS as a result. It still exists. I retired a year ago after 8 yrs as a school Supe. I’ve linked my new website to yours. Please visit and look at my blogs and ED TRENDS links. My hope is the site becomes a place where ed folks can comment, share, debate, be informed. I’d loved to be linked to your site and have you as a subscriber. Jane Sandbank

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  2. This sounds like a fabulous read with ideas that I suspect I will be highlighting like crazy too. I’ve just downloaded a sample to my Kindle. It’s true that we need to pause and ask hard questions about our assumptions on education, and perhaps if we do, we will arrive at some more compelling answers.

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