The Time Has Come…

The Time Has Come…

…to get back to writing about what’s happening. I am preparing for my granddaughter’s wedding a week from Sunday (at my place in Hillsdale). I am working on a project (book) with Emily Gasoi that hopefully takes a useful look at the past half-century of school “reform” as it relates to democracy. And just got a copy of a book edited by Matthew Knoester, Kathy Clunis D’Andrea and myself called Teaching in Themes, An Approach to Schoolwide Learning, Creating Community and Differentiating Instruction. TC Press, just arriving in the store(s).

Then yesterday an old friend dropped by—Fred Bay—and obsessed with me about the state of the planet Earth. He is right—it is not an issue that can wait until we better educate another generation. It is this generation of adults or else.

So why am I ignoring it? It doesn’t even matter what/who “caused it.” The only thing that matters is who is going to turn it around if not us. Why do I avoid it?

Because I find it much more comforting to stick with what I know best, and which seems do-able: creating schools that might protect the future of the democratic idea.

But if there’s no future…..?

So I have five immediate projects: (1) enjoy my granddaughter’s wedding, 2) work on the book Emily and I are writing, 3) figure out how we can better define what a public education is and how we can defend it—and maybe how that can fit into our thinking about the future of the Coalition of Essential Schools, 4) think about my health—as well as being sure to swim every morning, and now…FIVE

Putting some part of my energy and mind to saving the planet for humans and other living things.

Suggestions welcome.


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  1. You know, Deborah, we can’t do everything. Stick to what you do best and lend support to those who have other “bests.” You know education; I doubt you can get up to speed on saving the planet to be able to spearhead such a campaign. Besides, what does saving the planet mean? A green revolution? An end to war? You can do your bit toward a saner existence by making sure people get the chance to think critically about these issues. Education is a means to help save the planet.

  2. Why not put (allow) a school board in every school?

  3. Those sound like great priorities.

  4. Hi Debbie,

    I am very happy to hear of your granddaughter’s wedding at the perfect location. Don and I hope to visit you again when the leaves start to turn if you’re up for it.

    I love that you’re sharing your list and am looking forward to the new book, too. With regard to the planet, I just want to note, that by opening the door to academic victory for so many of our kids who would otherwise fall through the cracks, you have already contributed to conserving Planet Earth.

    Yesterday I watched Carly Fiorina dodge (clumsily) field questions from Katie Couric about whether she thinks global warming is a big problem. Her answer — clean coal. Seriously. That’s her answer. So here’s the tie in: think of the generations you have inspired (students and teachers) to think critically and blow through the hype of the clean coal prattle, for example. See? You’ve already done a great deal more than most humans to educate a chunk of our voters who can think for themselves. BTW, Fiorina also came out against wind energy because, she says, the turbines are “slaughtering” the birds. Especially the eagles. Turns out, if it hadn’t been for government regulation over DDT in the 1970s, there would be no eagles or ospreys today. Gee. I wonder where she’s getting her campaign donations? No I don’t. Clean coal = dirty money.

    Jus’ sayin’.

    Love to you both….

    Elizabeth and Don


    • Nice to hear from you. Soon again. And do love watching those vultures when I swim–swooping here and there. And since I’ve decided to be an eagle when reincarnated, Carly has a point. Let them live and let all the rest of us…do the opposite.

  5. So happy to hear about number five. Jenny is working on carbon tax for states now. This is a big democratic issue!

    Enjoy the wedding! That one’s easy!


    • Good issue–Thanks, Jenny. Becky is working on fracking. And I swimming. Although I got an earache so I have to swim, for a wile, with my he’d out of the water. Love you.

  6. Hello. Your voice would be a great asset in raising the importance of environmental sustainability. You have a large following and can play a role in reminding people of the importance of protecting our planet for future generations. Providing links to organizations focused on the work would be helpful too.

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