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I am exploring a project that involves describing various real-life descriptions of public schools that have tried to be sources of powerful education in and for democracy.  Maybe a “mom & pop” charter would be useful too.  I am trying to find out more about what their definition of democracy is/was, how they thought about implementing it, and what they have found to be the hardest and easiest to do and revisions they have made over the years.  Let me know if you have ideas of people and schools to contact.

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  1. I have been involved since 1973 in an educational philosophy called Ho`āla (Ho AH la) from Hawaii, created by Sr. Joan Madden and Dr. Raymond Corisini, an Adlerian psychologist. It is fully implemented in a small independent school in Hawaii and a charter middle school in Napa, California. If you’re interested, I can send more information about it.

  2. well ill recommend a website i helped build. it’s at why not look at the table of contents and then read the sections you’re most interested in ok??? i’m sure you’re find some useful info if you’re serious about building more liberal student-centered schools. if so, maybe you’d also like to let me know if anything there was useful and of value. would appreciate the feedback. until then please have some fun and stay focused ok??? more liberal student-centered schools are the key to building and keeping our democracy strong and safe. eddie

    On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 10:45 AM, Deborah Meier on Education wrote:

    > nicholasmeier posted: “I am exploring a project that involves describing > various real-life descriptions of public schools that have tried to be > sources of powerful education in and for democracy. Maybe a “mom & pop” > charter would be useful too. I trying to find out more a” >

  3. Contact me — I have handed out more copies of the Road to Trust than anyone in America! 406-245-6102

    Thanks Conrad

  4. I would visit the ctq (center for teacher quality) website and post. The teacher powered school movement should be a treasure trove. They are at Avalon in Minneapolis sounded very democratic in their process. May be a good place to start.

  5. We are also looking for the same thing. In Baltimore a coalition of activist groups are studying what community-teacher democratic control of schools looks like, so we can propose a community-driven alternative to charters. Our small schools movement died in Baltimore when charters became the only funding option. We are traveling to New York, Chicago, Detroit and possibly other cities with a group of parents, teachers, students, and activists to study what is working together and bring ideas home. We’d love to stay in touch on what you find and what we find.

  6. My son Samuel Levin and I have just written a book about high school, which talks quite a bit about teaching stewardship and creating community. It focuses on a student-run high school that Sam started when he was a junior. The book, A School of Our Own will be published by The New Press, and will be available this summer. It might be relevant to your project.

  7. Good luck DM! We did a lot with PS 333-Manhattan School for Children… Tatiana Hoover (Ted Weiss’ daughter in law…) is important there… Call me any time— Neal H. Hurwitz 212-666-6217.… I started out with this at Columbia in ’67 with The Center for Research and Education in American Liberties— Alan F. Westin and Minna Post Peyser… Teachers College, ETS involved as well when Larry Cremin ruled 🙂 Hope you are fine!!! Neal

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