Pamphlets and published conference proceedings
by Deborah Meier

(1999, January 13). Our challenge: To set the highest possible national standard-for human relationships. Paper presented at the Public School Standards Discussing the Case for Community Control, Burlington, VT, Electronic Symposium.

(1998, October). The company we keep: A case for small schools. Paper presented at the Eighteenth Annual E.F. Schumacher Lectures, Salisbury, CT. Kindle version Kobo version

(1997, Nov 24). Schooling and “The crisis of relationships”. Paper presented at the CES Fall Forum.

(1996). The power of public education. [Electronic Newletter]. New Ground, 47. [Transcript of a speech given at The 1996 Eugene V. Debs – Norman Thomas – Michael Harrington Dinner] WEB

(1994, April 16). Why educate? Paper presented at the Martin Buskin Memorial Lecture, A lecture series of the Education Writer’s Association, Seattle, WA.

(1993, April 12-16). Why kids don’t “want” to be well educated: Rethinking school reform.Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Atlanta, GA.

(1991). Becoming a teacher.Paper presented at the Charles De Garmo Lecture of The Society of Professors of Education, Chicago.

(1977). Socialist Values and Everyday Life. Theory, Life & Politics (pamphlet). Closing presentation at Youth Conference of the Institute for Democratic Socialism, Weldon West Virginia

(n.d.) (with Anne Cook) Reading Tests: Do they help or hurt your child? North Dakota Study Group (pdf)

(n.d.) (with Anne Cook) Reading Tests: What does that score mean? North Dakota Study Group (pdf)

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