The missing word last night: democracy

Am I right? I don’t think I heard any of the wonderful Convention speeches mention the word “democracy” as part of the reason to be proud o0f America, one of the things we need to preserve, one of the dangers of income inequality, and at least a marginal purpose for public education!!! In its place we’ve substituted “a strong economy” etc. Attention to Hypocrisy has to be on our radar screen–but it seems odd that we’ve reached the point where we aren’t even hypocritical about the centrality of democracy in the American dream. Inspiring struggles for democracy world-wide was once part of our proud tradition–and what our young people were expected to die for. Maybe that’s what we have to start campaigning for–putting democracy at the top of our list. Of course, we’d have to spend more time examining it, understanding its history, etc. And noting that for a long time–since about 1950 on–a free labor movement was one of the signs we looked for in deciding what constituted a democratic nation. Free meant, “free of government or company control!”

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  1. And if so many brave men and women could wear our country’s uniform and sacrifice their lives for our most fundamental rights … then surely we can do our part as citizens of this great democracy to exercise those rights … surely, we can get to the polls and make our voices heard on Election Day.

    Michelle Obama • 04 Sep 2012

    • Yes, for a moment I thought she was going to talk explicitly about that imortan contribution of u tradition and ideals. It came close Thanks for reminding me. But I wish smeone had noted that they went to Iraq presumabgly to help creat democrzacy, etc, etc.

      • Yes, it was a passing mention, but then a lot of her allusions were like that. I think the implication was strong enough though — if some are willing to die for a right, the least we can do is exercise it.

  2. I am curious why the word Democracy is a concern whether being put forth in a speech or not( I will return to this in a moment) when “GOD” was removed from the Democratic platform all together. Richard Durbin vehemently avoided the reasoning for this move by the party and challenged anyone by asking, ” are you saying the Democratic Party is GOD-less?”. Durbin never did answer so I will answer with my belief. YES, it is going that way as you slowly digress into soft Socialism and appeasing the masses. Durbin I see you as gutless when you fail to answer this with honesty even when approached by your own constituents who are your employer. This reverence toward constituents does not only belong to you, Mr Durbin, it is a familiar posture presented toward most constituents by your colleagues on both sides of the aisle. I was in Iraq in 91 for Dessert Storm and it was to extinguish a threat and to secure Kuwait and it’s independence from Iraq, it was not to set up a Democracy. Big Bush pulled the leash in and stopped all forward progress. Had he(Pres. Bush) not done this I postulate that 9/11 would not of happen. DEMOCRACY Yes the mentioning of this word was missing and shall continue to not be spoken as the current Democratic Incumbents drag us further to the left toward Socialism. The Republicans are no angels by no means and this is not an attack on either party but actually on both. I could settle for Democracy but in all intent by the Founding Fathers we were aligned as a Republic. YES there is a difference between them, look it up or you should of paid attention in school…- I thank my teacher for this..Thanks Mr Bedford. These little subtleties as they continue is a cancer which grows around us until one day it is noticed. That will be the day it will be too LATE. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH SHE STANDS FOR!

    • Oh my I have a gaff above from going to fast…Dessert=Desert

    • Jerry. Interesting. You view the word Democracy–which you are right was not in the original Constitution – as unimportant, versus Republic (no hereditary ruler). So Great Britain is not a Republic but I’d count it as a Democracy, We are both. Incomplete but far along the time-line compared to most nations on our planet. China is a republic, but not a democracy. The old USSR was communist, Fascist Germany was a republic and fascist–both were republics and one-party dictatorships. Finland, for example, is both a republic and a democracy—with many features of what I call “democratic socialism”–which has been practiced in Europe for more than half a century, without destroying democracy. Democracy slides into oligarchy/plutocracy (as in contemporary Russia) when money (capital) is very unevenly distributed, giving a small number a very disproportionate resources. The balance needed was partly due to the fact that the individuals without a great deal of individual power joined together to form “self-interest” groups–unions, professional association, etc etc that in linking together provide some balance to the power of the very rich. From 1950-80 that sort of worked. It’s tricky, and when it gets way out of balance it undermines democracy.

      I like Winston CHurchill’s statement: Democracy is an absurd form of government, until one considers the alternatives.

      So, do you think Republican leadership would agree that democracy ranks lower than a republic?

      Would a republic in which God (maybe not your version) was much preset in all speeches and documents, but democracy was less present be preferable to you than let’s say, France? (Like Egypt, Turkey, etc.) In a country where 90% of the population says it believes in God, and an overwhelmingly large majority identify with a Christian God, and God begins ad ends most public events, and on ad on really at risk of succumbing to agnostics and atheists?? Intriguing to me, who have always been in a minority, and whose God has log been unable to protect us from the more powerful Christian God.

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  3. Ms Meier, I enjoyed the reading of your reply and see this as an honor you placing your time and effort into this to challenge, to point out or rebuff and yes, agree on a point or two. Your examples of the governments in place using the words of Democracy, Republic or the lack there of and which still can be and is to be considered one of the afore mentioned is possible. I do disagree on the fact that the use of these words in a name alone does not lend to the fact any part of the definition is practiced there in their government. A word is not the definition of the action but the action defines the word. In a Republic the ultimate power is within each and every individual to choose without constraint of social organizations in the name of democracy deciding property, work or work quotas, level of benefits deserved in a Socialist/Marxist view for the alleged good of the community as a whole. I have been to Finland and I disagree as to there not being a degradation in Democracy, the singularity of each individual is not with the individualism as it is with the approval of others allowing them to proceed. Lets go on to organized labor, this is a dichotomy at best. We, as the membership, wish to insure we receive what we deserve meaning you work, earn insurance hours, pension, and annuity and if you don’t, you get ZILCH…the elected officers of these unions rub elbows with the ones you seek to remove their wealth and redistribute it to the rest…NOT going to happen! They become what they once sought out as the other side and play both against the other for further personal gain. I they so choose not to do this I can site many Embezzlement’s which have occurred involving high ranking union officials. Wealth of others is not the scourge it was the start of entitlement programs that were and are mismanaged allow those to acquire and or stay on when they are able to sustain their own existence. WHY does anyone feel it is the Federal Governments responsibility to do anything for the individual(Fed Programs) is beyond me. We do not need any intervention we need them to but out. Personal responsibility and accountability for ones actions and living or dying because of them made us much wiser and stronger then we are now. I had nothing, asked for nothing, got it all on my own free will and threw it away all of my own free will so why would the Government own me a thing. You and others I am friends with that are teachers, I say teach and teach them well and leave them be. Some will flourish and some will perish, this all comes from their decision and only theirs making them once again accountable to themselves. I can not speak as to what a Republican nor a Democrat would say about about a Democracy being ranked higher or lower then a Republic, I can only speak for myself with certainty and I do. Democracy is defined as the common people of a community as distinguished from any privileged class, this definition in its self is creating class or separation of the people. A Republic does not differentiate the people, all have equal power without duress. France has had many Republics, five of them as a matter of fact, and I find it a perversion with its Semi-Presidential System and Socialist implementations. I also would like to introduce another slant to this by asking, do you see or feel certain attributes of our time/country resembling the the “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” and I care not to bring in Plato’s Republic any where near this.

  4. Deb, my lesson from the DNC: Marriage between men: crucial. Marriage between the parents of 70% of black babies? Unneeded.

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