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    Deborah exchanges views with a different colleague, each for a month or two.  Her current correspondent is Harry Boyte, a Minnesotan (although his roots are southern). He has always been a friend and mentor, even though we come to stuff in different ways and even disagree on and off. He is a professor and an activist, a theorist and a practitioner, with a focus on democracy—beginning a long time ago when he worked with Martin Luther King. He has written or edited ten books on the topic and founded a Center on
    democracy which is now at St Augsberg College, but formerly at the University of Minnesota.  

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“Will Standards Save Public Education?”

I just reread a book I edited (foreword by Kozol–thanks, Jonathan) in 2000! While it’s entitled “Will Standards Save Public Education” I think it is actually about the Common Core debate more than what we used to call “standards”. Of course. they overlap. But I found, on rereading, that I agree with myself, and found the respondents interesting too: Ayers, Gary Nash, Thermstrom, Sizer… My piece is called Educating a Democracy. So, I’m still worrying about the same thing. But, believe it’s still available via Beacon, Amazon, your local bookstore if it exists, et al.

Diane, if you get around to it–read and comment. Is this an area of our agreement or disagreement, or one of those overlaps: agree and disagree.


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