Harass them til it hurts!


“We are coming to find you and monitor every step you take. And we are going to learn about every bad friend you have. And you’re going to get alienated from those friends because we are going to be all over you.”
JOANNE JAFFE, of the New York City Police Department, on a program meant to steer juveniles away from crime.

Joanne Jaffe may have heart of gold, but she, and the NYC Police Department, couldn’t be further off the mark. This quottion and the story it goes with sent shivers up my spine. The idea that the kids will follow our advice if we treat them unfairly, interfere with their perfectly legal rights, harass them a bit more is so far from reality that it truly is scary.

For the moment I just want to vent; deep analysis will follow. Perhaps.

One Response

  1. Our local police used a similar tactic when the city gangs tried to tap into a wealthy market for their drugs. The police were polite about it, and said they were just there to see that they were okay and felt welcome in our community. It worked. It was too hard to sell drugs and the wannabe culture has just about disappeared. A few girls learned the hard way that their gangsta boyfriends were bad news. It took a few beatings by their boyfriends before the girls sought help.

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